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eMOBILE For Retail

eMOBILE For Retail

eMobilePOS Delivers Faster Checkout and Personalized Service

eMobilePOS turns tablets and handhelds into full-feature POS devices for both countertop and mobile use, enabling apparel and footwear retailers to interact with customers and process payments from anywhere in the store.

Full-feature POS for less
•Full-feature POS, available for both countertop POS and handheld POS
•Enjoy all the functionality of a traditional POS but with more flexibility and significantly lower cost

Speedy, personalized service from anywhere
•Use for line busting during peak hours to eliminate walkouts
•Quickly control price and availability without leaving the customer
•Access shoppers’ purchase history to enable cross/up selling
•Order items by scanning the item or browsing the menu
•Handle returns and refunds in a snap
•Process payments from anywhere in the store

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Real-time inventory visibility
•Quickly control and update price and product information
•Check available sizes, colors, and styles without leaving the customer

Fully integrated rewards and gift card program
•A fully integrated gift card and loyalty program enables customers to earn and redeem rewards
•No processing fees for gift cards increase retailer’s profit
•Built-in email marketing tool makes it easy to engage with shoppers

Access to real-time analytics data
•Track sales, inventory, and taxes in real-time for one or multiple locations

Flexible and cost-efficient
•Enjoy the freedom of choice and select the most cost-efficient payment processor
•Pay a low monthly fee with no upfront investments in software licenses or servers — affordable even for small businesses

Secure payments
•EMV ready with the ability to accept chip and PIN payments
•Accept NFC-based payments such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet


Key features
•Create and edit customer profiles directly on a handheld device
•Process credit cards, checks, and cash payments
•Put transactions on hold
•Email or print receipts
•Handle returns and refunds
•Earn and redeem loyalty/rewards points
•Look up SKU, price, and quantity
•Create orders by scanning the items’ barcode or browsing the menu
•Scan QR codes and coupons
•Control wireless cash drawer
•Work in off-line mode if no network is available
•Seamlessly integrate with Retail Pro, Microsoft Dynamics, QuickBooks, SAGE, etc.
•Gain real-time access to dashboard sales analytics
•Keep track of employee work hours and sales performance
•Easily generate sales reports
•Multi-store support

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