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RR Essential Server 30 Stores

RR Essential Server 30 Stores

Market Segments
Retail Realm Essentials™ - is a solution that is highly configurable and customizable and is well suited for a variety of retail segments. It is well suited but not restricted to the retail segments below:
•Book Stores
•Convenience Stores
•Craft Stores
•Cycle Stores
•DIY Stores
•Furniture Stores
•Garden Centers
•Gift Stores
•Hard Goods
•Jewelry Stores
•Liquor Stores
•Music Stores
•Pet Stores
•Tasting Rooms
•Sporting Goods
Retail Realm Essentials™ - Extensions
Retail Realm has embedded and continues to add many developments into this solution: mobility, stock take, supermarket features, store based availability, store reports, rich label design and printing, etc. We have many development partners that are also enriching the Retail Realm Essentials™ offering through their developments.
Credit Card Processing
•Shift4 (USA/Canada)
•Mercury Payment (USA)
•VeriFone (UK)
•PCEFTPOS (Australia/NZ)
•UniteU (USA)
•Sana Systems (Worldwide)
Links to Financials
•Dynamics GP (Datamill)
•O365 Financials
Feature Set
Multi-store Centralized Management
Organization Hierarchy
Ability to define and layout how your organization is structured
Site, warehouse and store management
Define your retail stores and their parameters
Merchandising and Product Maintenance
Category Hierarchy
Define unlimited categories to any depth e.g. Categories, sub-categories, sub-sub categories etc.
Category defaults
Set defaults for new items added to the category saving valuable time when setting up products
Supplementary Categories
Items may belong to any number of supplementary categories. Ideal for tracking brand, season, clearance products and other ways of grouping products.
Serialized Items
Track serial items and other dimensions such as batch. Ideal for electronics industry
Kit items
Group products into packaged kits, build and de-construct and account for inventory. Allows pricing to be customized and kits broken if needed.
Released products
Setup items in advance and release them ready for use when product creation is complete
Product attributes
Unlimited product attributes tracking additional product data
Powerful descriptions
Track Product name, search name, long description etc.
Info Codes at the POS
Interactive reason codes to trigger events based upon user input
Concept of Assortments to group products logically to establish what is sold where when
Item cost
Apply item cost by a range of methods including last cost, weighted average, FIFO, etc. RE allows different items to use different cost models

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